International Athlethic Development & Consultancy®


IADC - AthleticSolutions is a Sport Consulting Agency headquartered in Berlin/Germany with a global network.
We use the principles of strategic management, which cover pre-planning, strategic planning, deployment, implementation as well as measurement and evaluation stages to give you the competitive edge that you need in this business. Specifically the sponsors make their choice when it comes to use sports as a marketing tool. SWOT analysis is one strategic tool used in this management process. Our approach also includes situation analysis, future state determination and gap analysis to identify the best way to succeed. We help define and implement strategies that can go beyond existing local structures, offering solutions tailored to your needs.
The great advantage of IADC-AthleticSolutions is its vast national and international network and hence its ability to use synergies to your advantage in an unprecedented and unique way to your benefit. Moreover the competencies in the development and high performance business of founder Ralph Mouchbahani. Above all the direct practicability of his expert knowledge due to his own 30 years of coaching experience up to international level.

" the beginning it is all about vision. At the end, it is all about the courage to execute it. And everything in between is all about how we'll help you to get there."